Mike 'The Music Man' Slattery
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508) 259-3898
I've been entertaining children aged 1-7 and their
families for the last 19 years.  My shows are full of my
silly versions of the standards children love
lots of original songs that have been

thoroughly kid tested.  There's lots of stories,
singing, dancing and silliness.  

In the middle of my shows there's a short puppet
show with Snappy the aligator and Smelly the skunk.  
They pester me and each other, they both sing a song,
and the kids have to keep an eye on them for me.

I have a big box full of props that include lots of silly
hats (hippo, elephant, pizza, cheezeburger, etc.), lots
of shaker eggs that the kids use in some songs, and a
slightly magic hat (one trick, the kids love it!).

My shows are perfect for:
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Preschool and Kindergarten Music Programs
Library Shows
Birthday Parties
Farm Shows / Apple Picking
Holiday Parties (Corporate & Family)
Concerts (Town Greens, Arts Centers, etc.)

Call me at: (5
08) 259-3898
or email me at mcslatts@yahoo.com
Hi, I'm Mike 'The Music Man'.  I'm based in Punta
Gorda, Florida.  I moved here recently from Boston,
Massachusetts where I did hundreds of shows
every year for the last 19 years.  
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